DJ Khaled – Bae ft. Akon

DJ Khaled – Bae ft. Akon Lyrics Letra:

[Hook: Jeremih & Vado] Swing my way
Let me take you somewhere that I’m heading baby you can play
Treat you like my hustle you know I be on that all day
(Uh-huh, I’m on the block servin’ yay to make us straight you my) bae
(You my) bae
(You my) bae

[Verse 1: Vado] Ambitious, I am vicious
If you watchin’ arms in the party you can’t miss us
Watches galore, ladies watch us for sure
Top of the floor, Vodka bottles to pour
‘Rock wit your boy, we could sell out the Malibu
Your swag powerful, Chanel flower shoe
God damn who be stylin’ you
Like I wish I were you tell ‘em to look at our view
I love to floss, it’s a Harlem thing
If I blow trial they rush the court, no college game
I done dig keys that’s not a thing
I run these emcees like Hollis, Queens
With a air thinner you found me
Could tell you don’t travel you need a trip out the county
If I’m that n***a then crown me
Denzel would have a problem gettin’ women around me

DJ Khaled

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