DP Beats – 52

52 Lyrics
DP Beats – 52 Lyrics

Intro: Chief Keef
DP on the beat
I’m Marty McFly
Fly, I’m Marty McFly
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Verse 1: Chief Keef
Nigga, what the fuck is you talkin’ bout?
Shit, I know
Nigga, what you wanna get hit with?
This .45 or this .40? Nigga, this 30 or this 50?
This FN, this semi or this K?
Nigga, you and your friend need to go play, bitch
Ya looking for me? I’m outta state, bitch
He ain’t on shit (On, shit, ayy)
Remember your play shoes and play fit, bitch!

Verse 2: Tadoe
One time for the Go, two times for the bro
Three times for the rolls, four times for the folks
Five times for the moes, five shots through your throat
Six for the fuckin’ gangsters, seven for this fuckin’ pole (.357)
Eight for the fuckin’ balls, send you to heaven
Straight drop white walls, nina tucked off in my draws
Ten bands for a call a get you smoked
MAC-11 with my shorty’ll get you poked
You know we don’t fuck with 12
Thirteen guns up on the shelf
Popped fourteen opps by myself
Fifteen like I’m fuckin’ Melo
Sixteen, shot my damn beretto
17 my fuckin’ Glock
Eighteen, standing on the pot
Nineteen, serving on the block
Twenty, I was getting guap
21, I got shot, he got hit with a mop
22, it was the Glock
23 like I’m Jordan
24, I’m scoring like Kobe
25 in my .30
26, I’m still rich
27 bands for my wrist
28s up on my Trackhawk
29s up in the traphouse
With the 30 make me spazz out
31 off in this 40
Verse 3: Chief Keef
32 like Juicemannn
I got that .33, call 911 emergency (bitch)
Got 34 calls this week from folks that’s fighting first degree
Got 35 shots in this Glock 19 if you think bout hurtin’ me
Got 36 hoes that’s texting my phone that’s tryna twerk for me
Got 37 thousand on me (Bitch)
Bought 38 fuckin’ guns (Bitch)
39 of these niggas my son
I’m gonna give you ‘bout 40 to run
Got 41 magazines
42 of my hoes acting mean
I’ma be 43 with a beam
.44 gon’ sing what it sing
I’ma be 45 rockin’ Gucci
46, yeah, I’m fly like I’m Lucci
47, gettin’ more than a Medusa
48, have bitches sign my boots
49, still riding in them coupes
Been 50 shoot 50 nigga, just shoot
Send 51 niggas get up with you
They don’t catch you here come another 52

DP Beats

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