Drew Ava – Dialogue

Letra “Drew Ava – Dialogue” Official Lyrics

Your word is above any other
(So I trust you, I trust you Lord)
I put you above every other
(It’s a must that I put you first)

Need you to take control
Jesus I need you more
I know I need you more
Because lately I been feelin off
That much I know fasho

I feel like there’s so much on my mind
Like it’s working overtime
I pray my heart is right
Search me and try me
Lord I am listening
Here in this dialogue with you

I’ll teach you to love if you let me
(Just gotta trust me, just trust me more)
I’ll fill your cup when it’s empty
(The joy of salvation I will restore)

I’ll carry the weight when it’s hеavy
(Time after time, I’vе been faithful)
Do you trust that I’m able?
I never left you
& I’ll always listen

Here in this dialogue with you

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