Drew Ava – Still

Letra “Drew Ava – Still” Official Lyrics

You draw me close
My burdens are lifting
Your love is so different
More precious than silver way more than gold
Is your love

I cling to the risen one
To the lover of my soul
You have always been there
Theres nothing that can compare
When you are right here with me
I will listen when you say

To be still
To be still

You’ve always had me
Had me in your arms
There is no reason for me to be afraid and alarmed
Anxious about nothing
Instead I pray
Always giving thanks
Lord, havе your way

No one is like him
And i’ve been hеre waiting for a moment
Moment like this
Been in my closet like
Jesus, give me a song
Give me a new way to worship
Cause for you, I long
And if it happens to be
I do something wrong
Remind me who you are
Do it while I say

Be, be still
(You know I’ma be still)
In your word
In your promises
In the pain
I am positive

You are with me
You are with me

Christ is with me
Christ is with me
Christ lives in me
Christ lives in me

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