Drops of Andromeda – Goldfish

Letra “Drops of Andromeda – Goldfish” Official Lyrics


You think you deserve that pain, but you don’t

I don’t think I deserve it

Well, not consciously maybe

People think foot pain is a fact of life, but life is actually better than that

Verse 1: Offsite

Your favorite pair of shoes will last longer than you
In this cold world, life is just a spiral toward death in a slow swirl
Like pretty goldfish you might win at the fair
Couple weeks later, pain, down a drain, say a prayer
The type of shit that makes you lie to your kids
An afterlife beside a guy with a lisp
Or are you the type to think that when you die this is it?
What’s the dip?
The truth is blind so who decides what it is?
Floral shirts and short pants, suntans

shorts and all sorts of big plans
You think that you’s the first to think that
You’s the first to sink back as all the curtains close fast
Black as night while she’s asking for a glass of wine
Candlelight, birthday celebrations, that is fine
Just a lot on top his mind, “son, let’s go outside”
“Play some catch, have a stretch,” sounds asinine

Verse 2: Tango

When Grim comes for me, I’ll shake his boney hand
Life’s a certainty so certainly
Go and start that only fans
Ain’t nothing really irking me
I’m lamping in a lonely land, observing the uncertainty
Boy, you really never can do it accurately or perfectly and then inadvertently might forget that nothing even mattered in the happiest way possible
Ignore all the chatter, all that shit is

I’m not nihilistic, but I’m high as
pounding down a pasta bowl
I’m a pessimistic altruistic kid
Who you call to get pissed
Sometimes narcissistic and waited on explicit in public often speaking euphemisms
When I drop, I’m bumping stupid rhythms while
is made by youthful children out in China
In quotations, designer (designer)
In quotations, designer (designer)

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