Dua Saleh – cat scratch

cat scratch – Dua Saleh Lyrics Letra:
I’ve been bleeding out the cheek
Dripping on my seat
Wincing cause my muscles been defeated
I’ve been losing liters
Kitty left her gripper marks on me
Smelled a whiff of weed
Hungry as the niggas in the D
They be ready wheelin’
Posture of a pastor with his sheep
Planting hella seeds
No nomadic shepherd heard of me
Flowers hella sweet
County left me wading through them weeds
Growing underneath
Swinging off a tree
Funny group of three
Wiser than a raptor with no teeth

Ain’t it funny how it be?
Funny how it be
Can’t you feel the beat?
Bumping into me
Baby, don’t you leave
Rocking with your feet, claws
Lips locked tick-tock tea
Where’d you leave them hair rolls?
Tint pose, ten toe treat
Rocking them stilettos
They be walking in stilettos
Scrapping in the metal
Blazing through the ghetto
Rocking them stilettos
Rocking them stilettos
Blazing through the ghetto
Rocking them stilettos

Feline laughing lightly in the sun
Nails undone
Weigh a ton
Hold a gun
Watch her run
Watch her run

Run a dungeon
Sunken I might scream while lunging
Lungs thin, green limbs
Tearing up this new skin
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