EDEN – rushing

rushing – EDEN Lyrics, Letra:
Verse 1
So rushing in and rushing out again
Another martyr anon
So you can wake up and start again
From stardust to god
And maybe in another man’s life
On another man’s time
Maybe the time’s just not right for us
Maybe this is all that we are, are

The lives I’ve loved
Too close to know
The hindsight song
There’s no way I’d rather wait than know

Verse 2
The highs we trade for the lows
Just gotta wake up and start again
‘Cause this is no place like home
And if you could’ve stayed there you would’ve
Could’ve, should’ve
Another life I had known
Maybe the time will be right for us
But this is all that we got, our luck

The lives I’ve loved
And too close to know
Chasing, but at what cost?
Just ‘cause there’s no way I’d rather wait than know
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