EDEN – $treams

$treams – EDEN Lyrics, Letra:
That’s better

Verse 1
Heart beat, blunt feel, can’t sleep
Cold, but it’s still burning
Your precious time wasting, on me

So why you gotta drag me?
I’ve been in a hole since like last week
And I’m holding on, I’ve held on
I’m holed up

‘Cause you love in
You love in, streams
Seasonal life bringer
‘Cause you love in
Yeah, you love in, streams
But I can’t keep swimming uphill, woah

Verse 2
Wonder how we’ll call it in the light
Saharan heat had me driving in the sky
Throwing stones ‘cause you’re getting bored
Kids in glass houses don’t wear a lot of clothes

Okay, so why you gotta drag me?
I’ve been in a hole since like last week
And I’m holding up, I’ve held on
I’m holding on

‘Cause you love in
And you love in, streams, streams
‘Cause you love in, you love in, streams
But I can’t keep swimming uphill
‘Cause you love in, you love in, streams
Oh, the only way is up from here

Verse 3
Heart beats drowned out
Let me go now
Blunt feel trauma
Sleepless cycle
Precess further

Start a milk factory, go make uh, magazine, uh, get a job
Drop anything, do anything, you know?
Have fun, stay safe
Safe sex, safe drugs
And, uh, have fun, that’s it
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