EDEN – ????

???? – EDEN Lyrics, Letra:
Verse 1
I can feel this dropping
Drunk drive and spoke to God
No fear, all that worry
That you’re not moving but you want it to stop
Daydreamer, goals screenshotted
High speeds sank the sun
Gold dreams of California
So comfortable you need some trouble to cause

But you don’t know what you want
So I’ll let go of control
‘Cause I know just what you are
You’re gonna break me in two, me

Verse 2
No falling back
I can feel this dropping
And when the wheels don’t stop
Just, run me over
No dialing down now
Only realizing
We’re too far forward now, oh

Running out of fuel
I wanted you to hold back
Falling after something that ain’t right, right
I don’t feel right
Wanted you to know that you can’t hold me

You don’t know what you want
So I’ll let go of control
‘Cause I know just what you are
You’re gonna, you’re going
You’re going, you’re going
Going, going
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