Eek-A-Mouse – Too Young To Understand

Letra “Eek-A-Mouse – Too Young To Understand” Official Lyrics


Oh, where is my daddy?
Where is my daddy gone, I want to know

Verse 1

I was too young to understand
That my mother struggled an’ really grow me without a man
I want to know why
Hunger an’ pain, all of those things we had really suffer, yeah
Because that man run away an’ left just to bawl


Oh mommy, mommy-mommy
Oh mommy, where is my daddy?
I wanna know is he dead or alive
From the day I was born, I’ve never seen the face of my daddy
I really-really wanna grow with my daddy *Scatting*

Verse 2

It has now been twenty years
Mommy had sent many tears
Pain an’ cold, all of those things she had been through
Woah-oy, woah-oy, my father, he was not true *Scatting*


Mommy, my mommy, she really had tried
A tell me, please tell me if my daddy’s died
Woah-oy, I wanna know
Mommy-mommy, I wanna really know

Verse 3

Where is my daddy gone?
Where is my daddy?
Is he dead or alive
I want to know now, I really want to know
Where, where is my daddy gone?
Where, where is my daddy gone?
Mommy, mommy, mommy-mommy-mommy
Daddy, daddy, daddy-daddy-daddy *Scatting*


Mommy, mommy, I want to know where is my daddy gone
I really wanna know where is my daddy gone
I really wanna know where is my daddy gone


Yeah, suffering for a long
My mommy an’ me are suffering for long
Where, where is my daddy?
Mommy, where?

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