Electric Needle Room  – James Madison

James Madison Lyrics

He was a small, shy man from Virginia
Ended up writing most of the Constitution
Wrote the Federalist Papers to convince the rest
We need this Constitution! It’s for the best!
He was later Jefferson’s Secretary of State
Rode his coattails to President in 1808
He wanted small government and no central bank
But with the War of 1812 he needed that bank
When Britain was a bully, he pushed for this war
But many debated it on the House floor
Both sides lost the war, the Whitе House burned down
That’s ok the country’s now truly indеpendent

James Madison

He constantly defended his Constitution
When a growing number of people seemed to attack it
But everybody seemed to love his wife Dolley
They even loved him after kicking butt in the war
Yes a pragmatist he changed his mind on some things like a central bank and less taxes on industries
After he left office he still fought for states’ rights
He was the last Founding Father to survive

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