Electric Needle Room  – James Monroe

James Monroe Lyrics

It’s the era, era of good feelings
That mark the Presidency
Of James Monroe
James Monroe
James Monroe

The Federalists are all gone
The War of 1812 is over
He just went with the flow
Tried to make everyone happy
Uh-oh the Panic of 1819
And the Missouri Compromise
Better enjoy this while it lasts
Because the country will divide
But until then, it’s the


Era of good feelings, that mark the Presidеncy of James Monroe

He said that Europе should not interfere
With any of the Americas
And if they do
The U.S. will kick their butt
He forced the Seminoles out of Florida
Ran for re-election unopposed
Made balanced Cabinet choices
Also died on July 4th
One of our most popular Presidents
(in the)

Era of good feelings, that mark the Presidency of James Monroe

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