Electric Needle Room  – Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson Lyrics

Democratic Republican
He won the election thanks to slaves
He was a big idealist
At the same time a big realist
He was the main writer of the Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson
He was Virginia’s governor
Built a mansion called Monticello
He was a Renaissance man
There wasn’t much he could not do
His vice Aaron Burr was crazy
And shot Alexander Hamilton
He repealed federal taxes
And fiercely opposed a central bank

You were ahead of your time
You were ahead of your time


He bought Louisiana
Which doubled the size of the state
It was a really good deal, but
Maybe not constitutional
He sent Lewis and Clark to
Explore the vast territory
He never vetoed a single bill
Rarely spoke out in public
Thought we should be agrarian
And our rights inalienable
Had faith in democracy
And had faith in morality

He favored states’ rights over
A strong federal government
But he ignored the rights of
Slaves and Native Americans
He was a hypocrite
Talked the talk but didn’t walk the walk
He had a slave mistress
Pushed for Indian removal
Yes he ended the slavery trade
But failed with the Embargo Act
He was a hypocrite
Talked the talk, but didn’t walk the walk

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