ElectricNeedle Room – James Buchanan

James Buchanan Lyrics

Number 15 James Buchanan was from Pennsylvania
Another dough face only President to never marry
Elected five times to the House of Representatives
Minister to Russia, a decade in the Senate
And Secretary of State
In politics too long
In fact, he did much more but I couldn’t fit it in this song
He worried that the country would divide and go to war
And so he did nothing, and it divided more

Don’t take action
Keep the status quo

Okay he didn’t do nothing, he did something with Kansas
He wanted it a slave state, with the capitol Lecompton
He sent troops to Utah to take over their government
Which maybe wasn’t necessary, and there was no conflict
He thought it was ok for people to own slaves
After the Panic of 1857, he was, of course, blamed
He wrote a memoir later on to preserve his legacy
Did it do the job? I don’t know. Let’s wait and see

Take little action
Keep the status quo

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