Emma Lu – Sick Girl

Sick Girl

Emma Lu

Letra. (Lyrics Music Video)

Look at me, I’m right here
Hold me just before I disappear
Help me, I’m in pain
Can’t stand the thought of living another day
The way I talk to the girl in the mirror just makes me wanna scream
Sometimes I can’t help but hate her, wanna rip her out of me
Mom, look me in my eyes
That wound in you just makes me wanna die
And dad, when will you realise?

Guys like you taunt my life all the time
I hurt and hurt and hurt some more
Curled up on a ball on the bathroom floor
This voice in my head, I hope is not me
Just let me out, I wanna be free
I was sick in that hospital bed, I was only fourteen
That girl is still here inside my chest and she just won’t leave
Will always be torture to be me?

I’m just trying to hold myself completely
Your mouth like venom, his hands like blades
My body like torture, I’m not ok
If there’s a way out, then show me it and I will go
I’ve been torn in half by every single road I have ever known
Maybe everything will be ok
I’ll pretend I believe that and bet on another day

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