Eve Cosendey – Regret

Regret – Eve Cosendey – Letra Lyrics

I want you to be here
I wish I can see you in here
Do you know that you’ve been in my mind?
I don’t know yet what kind is this like

Yes you don’t you remember us?
It’s true, I wanted to kiss you with chances that I had
Miss you all the time the Sun sets
So blue, I will live with the regret that I have inside

I remember how is look at your eyes
I used to fall when you hold me tight
Do you know that you were my mine?
More or less than you were from that guy

Baby, we were friend only
And my feelings were growing
Baby, if I knew if you were mine?

I want you to be here

Letras “Eve Cosendey – Regret” Official Lyrics

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