Experimental Hip-Hop

Red Skies Mourning – Deep Moonlight

Letra “Red Skies Mourning – Deep Moonlight” Official Lyrics Stay in thisMoment, you can’t take it with youI’ll always choose youEvery time I acted cold, coldIt wasn’t us so you knowHit select start and let’s go, goMy twin flame, heart and soul, yeahYou know that I really miss youAny time …

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Forrest Sees Mysteries – Calvin's Theme

Letra “Forrest Sees Mysteries – Calvin's Theme” Official Lyrics [Chorus]Sometimes (heaven), I’m tossing (I’m crying)I’m dreaming (heaven), lord (I’m crying)Sometimes (heaven), I’m tossing (I’m crying)I’m dreaming (heaven), lord (I’m crying) [Bridge]Heaven, i have tried, my home [Chorus]Sometimes (heaven), I’m tossing (crying)I’m dreaming (heaven), lord (crying)Sometimes (heaven), I’m tossing (crying)I’m dreaming (heaven), lord …

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C.Shreve the Professor – Glasgow Lyrics

Letra “C.Shreve the Professor – Glasgow Lyrics” Official Lyrics It’s stimulating, mind expanding… YeahAll soul from the first shine to last glowFlow wit control but look like I was raised in GlasgowNo, from the south—but my parents from the northSo I think that really means I caught a mixture of …

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