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Flight Of The Conchords – One More Anecdote

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One More Anecdote – Flight Of The Conchords
Lyrics, Letra:

It’s come, uh, almost to the time

Where we do our last song

I guess we don’t have
To do another song

If you really…

Have that reaction

“Well, I know your brain size,”
It sounds like you said

-I can’t– we can’t understand you
-We can’t– yeah

If you just write down your heckles
And then give them to Security

And they’ll bring them ‘round
The back and we’ll just…

Rock and roll?

Tell them the muffin story
Again, Bret

I can think of one more
Anecdote for those of you

Who are demanding more
Rock and roll anecdotes

We had this one night after a show

Where we had a fan
Made their way backstage

Kind of– When you’re in
A band, you have fans

-and groupies, sort of groupies
-I don’t think we should tell–

I don’t think
We should tell this story

Do you mean the one where
She came backstage and she…

That was my reaction when he said…

We can’t tell that story. It’s a very
Disturbing story, because the…

I know, but she asked us to do that

It was not our idea

Well, that– in a way, that’s
What makes it difficult for me

Because I wasn’t
Comfortable with it

I just did it because she’d bought
A couple of tote bags, and…

I– I really regret…

Yeah, well, but I just–
I think we come off

Fine in the story
It’s not us

You enjoyed parts of it, and I
Even had a good time at one point


When a– you know

It got to the part where…

I found myself…

It’s not a proud moment and I don’t
Want to share

Yeah, you’re right. Just because she was
A big fan doesn’t mean that we should…



No, yeah, don’t tell that one

We’ll do another song

Um, well, this is our last song

It’s, um…
When we say it’s our last song

We actually mean
It’s the song before we go off

And then we come back on again
And do some more songs

This is our last song

-Make sure Nigel knows
-Nigel, it’s not our last song

-We’ll do– we’ll come back
-It’s a kind of a rock and roll thing

Bands do it, but orchestras
Don’t really know

Orchestras don’t do it. They just stand
There for about five to ten minutes

This song is about being
On the road, touring, um

And we get to know you
And then tomorrow night

We– you know, we hit the road
And we’re back here actually, but…

You don’t decide when
You go back on the road

The road decides
When you get back onto it


We spend the night with you and we get
This wonderful relationship with you

You’ve been a great audience tonight
But then, you know, the next gig

Uh, you know
This connection that we have is, uh

We just forget it completely

We’ll never forget

-Well, we will, but–
-We will forget, yeah

But for a limited time

We will never forget you guys

Row B, we’ll remember you guys


Row V up there


Love you guys

U, yep, yep

But we can’t–

I mean, there’s so many
Letters, aren’t there?

-We can’t do–
-We’re gonna miss you A through Z

-Bret: Right
-All of you guys

Yeah, yeah

Shush, you guys
We’re gonna go–

-Shush, you guys!

You’re gonna see the mad side
Of Mad Dog if you…

We’ve got a curfew
We can’t just keep talking to you

If you talk to us
We’re from New Zealand

If someone talks to us
We talk back

We’re not Londoners
We don’t ignore you

What we’re saying is…

Okay, let’s go back

Let’s pretend we’re not
So annoyed by the audience

‘Cause it’ll look bad on camera

We’ve got a special
Relationship with you

Oh, we’ve had– we’ve had such a
Wonderful night with you guys, London

Um, that sounded patronizing
Can’t use that either

But you know, the next time

We play to another audience

They’ll be our main audience

And you’ll be a
Long-forgotten memory

And that’s sad to us, ‘cause–

‘Cause you are special

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