​flor – 24

Letra “​flor – 24” Official Lyrics

What a scene
There’s the blood
There’s the blood on the floor
On the floor and on the bed
On the bed to the door
To the door
24 24 24
Feel like that’s the year
I didn’t care anymore

I’ve felt better
It has to be this weather
Or could it be we put
The whole world through the shredder?
Chasing up making up time that we never had
Youngsters should plan ahead
That or they’re good as dead

(Shoo do dah doot do) hey

Don’t need a reason
You see it in the seasons
The rising of the ocean
The rise in the degrees
And mars ain’t the answer
We’re all getting cancer
We’re all hurting others
Our mothers and brothers

What’s the point what’s the point
All the moves have been played
Everyone has a seat
To the end of the days
24 24 24 24
Time may be fake
But we don’t have anymore

I hate to be so cynical
To break your heart
To steal your soul
But as long as nobody’s listening
This fate of ours is worsening

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