Folk Rock

Take Care of Yourself – Fire

Letra “Take Care of Yourself – Fire” Official Lyrics Are you there?I haven’t seen you in such a long timeRemember our burning hearts?The fire’s outAnd I can’t see through the smoke Who tossed the water?I’m disappearingYou tossed the waterOur love is embers nowWho tossed the water?I’m disappearingYou tossed the waterOur love is fleeting And these burning embers …

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Take Care of Yourself – Everything at Once

Letra “Take Care of Yourself – Everything at Once” Official Lyrics Oh, heaven, hear me nowI can’t sing a song aboutEverything at onceBut I can tryTo sing my heartfelt wordsAnd belt across the skyEverything at once As I gravitateTowards your gravityI miss you completelyWith every orbitI grow abhorrentBut it’s all they say Oh, heaven, hear me …

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