Freddie Dredd – Delete

Delete – Freddie Dredd Lyrics Letra:
Doomshop, motherfucka’

One-One, two, I am so sick of you
Youse a pussy motherfucka’, you don’t even have a clue
Watch me roam in the zone and I’m fucking with the tone
Breathe in, breathe out, can you tell what this about?
Youse about to fuckin’ go in the darkest place I know
Never guess, it’s a test, but the player never rest
Ain’t no way, motherfuckas gonna die today
The Freddie say, “I will never fucking go away”
Fake motherfucka’ try to fuck with me
I can’t delete anything I said
I’m about to put you up to the lead
You have got everything but a fucking life
Use a knife, gut it up
Blood in my fucking mug, bitch

Fake motherfucka’ tryna fuck with me, I can’t delete
Fake motherfucka’ tryna fuck with me, I can’t delete
Fake motherfucka’ tryna fuck with me, I can’t delete
Fake motherfucka’ tryna fuck with me, I can’t delete

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