Fredo Bang – In Gee We Trust

In Gee We Trust – Fredo Bang Lyrics Letra:
[Verse 1: Fredo Bang] Tryna put one in the coffin, and everytime I go back to the hood (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
First time I walked a nigga down, was at nineteen (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I’m traumatized by the blood in the white tees (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Told the Lord protect me from what I can’t see (What I can’t see)
Ayy, I’ve been prayin’ for my sins, for these felonies (Yeah, yeah, yeah, felonies)
They’ve been dissin’, I’ve been focused on a better me (Bеtter me)
Rappers act likе they want smoke, they’re really scared of me (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
My ex tried to move on, can’t find another me

[Interlude 1: Gee] Yeah, but most of these niggas scared of a nigga
You see a nigga, you put your fuckin’ head down, nigga
And I’d be by myself, and you’d be with a thousand niggas, man
Yeah for real, nigga (Oh, oh)

[Verse 2: Fredo Bang] I keep my heart up in my chest and keep my hand on my metal (Hand on my metal)
Ain’t nobody give me shit, I had to get it together (I had to get it together)
I’m too [?] ‘bout my life, she left me cold with no sweater
How you gon’ look down on my ex but you ain’t treat me no better? (You ain’t treat me no better)
I put my gang up on my back, bitch you should thank me (You should thank me)
I know some people that I love, they hate they ain’t me (They ain’t)
Some niggas wanna be my right hand but they ain’t Gee (They ain’t)
I drop a tear every time I see your baby

[Interlude 2: Gee] Yeah them niggas bullshit, nigga
I’m with niggas who run though
Don’t nobody run nobody here, nigga
Everybody bosses, nigga
Yeah nothin’ but bosses over here, nigga
These niggas bitch ass niggas be hood, [?] on niggas ‘cause they got money and shit, man
Y’all think that shit real? That shit don’t make no nigga real, man
‘Cause a nigga got money, man these niggas be ratin’ everything with paper, nigga
It’s the most pussiest niggas out here got paper, man
They got a million racks for money, y’all respect them niggas
I can’t respect that shit, son
I just can’t feel that shit, man

[Verse 3: Fredo Bang] I’ve been in the rental ‘round my town, woah
And I’ve been poppin’ Percs, I’m gettin’ [?] Catch him up in traffic, do a nigga nasty
Bitch it ain’t a game, you can go and pick your casket

[Outro: Gee & Fredo Bang] They got them dick in the [?] ass nigga
What much you got on us?
TBD shirt, what much you got on us?
Why y’all bein’ sure?
What much you got on us?
NBA, sir
What much you got on us?
You ride from your partner
What [?] sir?
Grown ass, [?] ass, fake ass, bitch ass nigga
[?] you’re gonna embarrass your [?]

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