Frozen Treats – I Know the Tune

Letra “Frozen Treats – I Know the Tune” Official Lyrics

I know the tune

You keep it in your old record box

Update your affairs when I’m around

So you’ll know that I know you changed the locks

We were too young to see the damage that we’d done

But we’re here all the same

I wait outside for you to bring my baby girl out alright

Strap her in her seat

We’ll take a ride

Wandering lost through town to see the sights

We built this town all wrong

No foundation

The guard says carry on

Keeps us moving

Drunk manager’s around

Keeps us guessing

Burning rubber’s the only sound

I know the tune

You sang it to your sis when your parents died

Now it’s there for hеr when she cries

Now should wе fill her head with truth or lies?

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