Scrap Worthy – Naive Heart [Single Edit]

Letra “Scrap Worthy – Naive Heart [Single Edit]” Official Lyrics Naive Heart [Single Edit]– LYRICS –(INTRO):Adam and Eve… placed in a society…Will never see… the forrest; for the trees(falling rain… falling rain)(VERSE 1):First date (first date)Sex tape (sex tape)Can’t wait (can’t wait)(falling rain… falling rain)Thick hips, nothing to lose…Freak type; …

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Whatnauts – World

Letra “Whatnauts – World” Official Lyrics Intro Woo Verse 1 Black and white folks, they argue everywhereWhile the free-minded people make pollution in the airThis Earth is fallin’ apart, brick by brickWhile the poor fish in the sea, they get sick-sick-sickI hope you no-thing, I’m tryin’ to rap a lot of jiveI’m trying to …

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