Futuristic – Finally Met You

Finally Met You – Futuristic Lyrics, Letra:
Ay-yo, what’s up witchu?
We can start a family like the Huxtables
I can put your top back like a lunchable
On that new Mercedes with the push to start the jump and cruise
I wanna bruise your inner thigh when I bite it
Roll up and light it, text your phone and get you excited
Private parties out in the Hills and I got a plus one
The homies gotta kick it ‘cause you the one I’m invitin’
Okay, tell me ‘bout your problems and your biggest fears
How you used to love your ass some Britney Spears
How you used to play house and dream of love
You had a vision for yourself but then it disappeared
Them insecurities that stem from the mistreatment
Are vivid in your mind, put that aside and just delete it
‘Cause you don’t need, you already know that you special
I can’t believe today I finally met you, you the one

Yeah, today I finally met you
Uh, uh, today I finally met you
I been thinkin’ about this shit for a while
Yeah, and today I finally met you
Today I finally met you

I never knew if soul-mates was real till we locked eyes
We got ties, it’s kinda crazy that you not mine
Put that aside, your body actin’ like a stop sign
Hit me outta nowhere, when I peeped it though I stopped on a dime, get it?
I don’t even know your name but I wanna change it
You could walk into my life now and rearrange it
You the woman that I pictured in my paintings
When I went through all my phases I think I was really waitin’
For somebody like you, it gotta be true
You gotta be the hottest in the city when you top of the crew
I got a lot, but you the cherry on top of it, too
Don’t need to talk, just wanna dig through every topic witchu
I mean it’s hot but be cool, or we could just go take some shots
It’s on the right side by the pool, it’s on the top of the roof
Get on top if you got in the mood, but if not
Then tomorrow will do, that’s cool, you know what I’m sayin’?

Ay, today I finally met you
I finally met you, baby
Yeah, I finally met you, baby
I know
Today I finally met you
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