G Herbo – High Speed

High Speed Lyrics
G Herbo – High Speed Lyrics

Ray to 2-22
I got one not stoppin’ (Uh)
10-4, 1-5-59, for report
(DJ Victoriouz with me in the buildin’!)


I was in a high speed with my broski
It was me and him, just him and me
Ridin’ with two felonies ‘cause we got one apiece
Glock 27 Compact, kept that one with me (Yeah)
Anyway, we was just out ridin’ (Out ridin’)
It’s like 3 AM, I don’t even know why we still outside (I don’t even know)
Think we was on our way in the house, too high off lean, I keep goin’ in and out
Bro on bond for somethin’ right now, that nigga keep goin’ in and out
Nineteen, move my mama out the city, so we been in route
And everybody always wonder why we swerve and ridin’
‘Cause if they followin’ us, we gon’ see just off how they drivin’
And he doin’ 120 in the Audi, we gettin’ a lot of money
It’s a car behind us speedin’, I think somebody comin’ (What?)
And they switchin’ lanes like us too, I think somebody want it
Now he tappin’ me like, “Lil’ bro, look in the mirror, who that?” (Who that?)
Thinkin’ that it’s an opp or somethin’, clutchin’ the Glock and I’m on it, I wanna do that
Start lettin’ my window down, I’m like, “Slow down, let ‘em get on my side”
They flashed the lights, damn, I’m ready to blam, they did that just in time (Woo)
Another high speed for this week, now this the second time
Already on the e-way, so fuck it, we rollin’ now (Fuck it)
And we in route (Skrrt), and now they goin’ whatever we goin’ an hour
Now either we gon’ get home or you know what else, so nigga, we goin’ for ours
Turnin’, bussin’ U’s, now the strap done fell from off my lap (Damn)
Tryna find it just in case we gotta park this bitch and get out
Broski say he got us, I ain’t trippin’, I already shut my mouth
But if he go to jail, he on double bonds, he won’t get out
I had made a million dollars and I still ain’t changed the route
Voices in my head sayin’, “Man, when you gon’ chill this shit out?”
And I know I’ma take the charge, like I ain’t already made it far
I was just gettin’ ready to let it spark, like I ain’t already became a star
Soon as we gettin’ off the expressway, missed the curb, I’m thankin’ God (Thank you)
If we had’ve touched it in the slightest way, would’ve flipped the car (Woo)
Now we gettin’ away, they far, can’t see the plates, it’s way too dark
And I’m used to being in chases, but my heart beatin’ a lil’ way too hard
Somethin’ fuckin’ with my conscious, I ain’t trippin’, am I, dawg? (Am I?)
I ain’t gettin’ tired of this way of livin’, am I, God? (Am I?)
Thought I could do this shit forever, I went hard from the start (Hard from the start)
If I tap out this shit with you, I ain’t trippin’, am I, dawg?
I ain’t loyal no more, like I wasn’t just drillin’ with my dawg?
Like I ain’t fuck off a quarter-million, chillin’ with my dawg?
On the ride home, I ain’t noddin’, feelings from the lean gone
Thinkin’ hard for real long, man, I gotta put my team on
Don’t nothin’ come to no sleeper but a dream, nigga, dream on
I’m up 5 AM, you ain’t doing a thing, nigga, so you ain’t on
To calm my nerves, I fill a Backwood up, now I’m like ching-chong
Opps hit us, we hit, hit back at us, shit goin’ like ping pong
But we hear somethin’, we rackin’ up, run the score up and we packin’ up
6 AM, catch a nigga lackin’ us, fire the block up and we backin’ up
(Go again)

(DJ Victoriouz with me in the buildin’!)
I beat the streets, you know?
That was a story about my last high speed, man, I was on, for real
Shit was really only like two years ago, you know what I’m sayin’?
But it changed me
So close
So close, but not close enough

G Herbo

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