Gage Almighty – Journey

Journey Lyrics

Story time, story time
Seh dem wan’ know
What is Gage, and
Where mi goin’, and
Where mi comin’ from?
Ah, ah, yeah-yeah (Poppy mek di link)

For all who ah listen, just ah part ah mi story
Is not ah must-listen though, yuh can ignore it
But just probably, if yuh give it ah try
It can change yuh life, probably sumn yuh like
Like it can be di best or it just can gwan
But mi just wan’ fi add this yah to my platform
Dawg, so one day all if mi dead and gone
Mi legacy nuh go in vain, no, it will live on
? high school mi go, but never graduate
Before mi deejay to di world, mi used to dweet inna mi place
Ah Killer kids ah still some ah di sickest deejay
Fi ever pass through May Pen ‘til dis day
Ah Badaz barbershop mi used to trim
Sometime mi
And mi link up assailant like every evening
And mi tell di dawg seh, “Wi aguh be just like him”
Yuh can ask, every clash weh mi go inna, mi win
? outta car, mi run racetrack
?, yuh fi
Yow, mi miss mi dawgs, couple ah dem drop
? gimmi mi first work ‘round at di carwash
Mi first producer name Bandz, him living room was di studio
Di gate was di stage show
Long before di fame, di plane and di payroll
? play mi first song pon him sound
Dat ah before mi meet di girls, before mi come town
? gimmi di Clarks, yeah man di L stitch bruk
When di world seh fi cut,
? seh fi stick around
Outta bridge mi see mi dawg face down pon di ground
Yuh know weh mi ah come from, well yuh know mi nah go back
Mi just ah tell yuh ‘bout mi life yute, nuh joke nuh inna dat
Mi know di jail cell dem like mi hand back
Mi know fire clappaz different from gunshot
Mi ah chat dis wid raw
? lyrics, no soul
Mi used to live ah one place weh name “Devil Nosehole”
Mi know di brave, mi know di fool
Yeah man, mi know di bold
Mi see friend kill friend, suh mi know pussyhole
Writing still deh pon di wall dem
Couple real G, ah bredda man call dem
The community bawl weh
And fear game play and reach di dawg dem
Still dem ask mi questions like What is Gage, and
Where yuh coming from
And if yuh plan fi stay
Ya-yow, ya-yow
And dem wan’ know
If mi plan fi quit, or
Mi aguh stop dawg
Mi aguh deh yah from di start ‘til it end bwoy

Gage Almighty

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