Gangsta Rap

556zoo – BlackOut

Letra “556zoo – BlackOut” Official Lyrics [Intro: 556zoo]Let’s go (Gang)Gang, Mister 556Let’s go, Danube Lane (Hard head, real six)Fish Fry Gang, no rap (Hard head, real six)(Pooty, you on demon time) [Chorus: 556zoo]Niggas be capped out (Damn)I hit up Nod, he at the full with the blackout (Damn)We blow that bitch ‘til we see …

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Trap Draxo – Swang door

Letra “Trap Draxo – Swang door” Official Lyrics Verse 1: GetRichZay Turn up for that bag (Turn up)It’s too bad a nigga can’t name one bitch that I ain’t have (I swear to God)Aight, come on, Off-White on my shoes (Off-White)Uh, the bitch know I got swag (Swag)Yeah, pockets full of blues (Blues)The bitch know …

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