Gas Money – Yung Gravy

Yung Gravy – Gas Money Lyrics Letra:
It’s Gravy Baby
It’s Gravy Baby

Well we just met tonight
But when she met the pipe
Shawty started singing like
Ooooo damn girl
That shit sounded nice
Guess I must be hittin’ it right, ooo
Damn baby, yuh
Hit that Gravy stroke now she hittin’ every note baby
Yeah, hit her with that sauce
Turned her to Diana Ross
Oooo, get that, ooo
Hit it from the rear
Now it’s music to my goddamn ears

Gravy could teach you to sing, sing
Gravy could teach you to fly, fly
Gravy could teach you to ball, ball
Gravy could teach you to ride, ride
Your mother taught me to sing, and fuck
When I was only a child, child
Shawty pick me up from school
Went to the crib and I clapped cheeks
Over the feeling, goddamn
Shawty is singing
That sound good
I must be hittin it
That sound nice
She could make millions
Goodness gracious Imma make music
Imma go crazy
Imma get to it
Your mom taught me
Now I’m fluent
Hear that voice every time I do it
Hit her with that fire
Now she singing like a choir
Damn baby, hittin that
Yeah hit that Gravy stroke now she hittin every note baby
Yeah, I gave lil shawty dick
Now she sing like Stevie Nicks
Hit it from the rear
Now its music to my mother fucking ears

And I pull up on your momma tryna get a singing lesson
But I always be forgetting that I always be finessing
All she ever really do is give me swimming lessons
I be swimming all up in that ass from seven till eleven
And you know I hit the breaststroke
Get the best stroke
So pull up on a kid momma lets go

Ooo, Ayyy
Lemme have some Gravy Sauce

I lay the pipe fool
I stay in that ass
Gravy a Goddamn Blast, Blast
Yeah, a blast from the past

I clap on that ass
I clap on it fast
My foot on the gas, yeah
I smash then I smash
She pick me up from class
All I speak is ass
It’s Gravy Train talkin ass ass ass

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