GAWNE x Futuristic – Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan – GAWNE x Futuristic Lyrics Letra:
[Intro] W4ddles you genius!

[Verse 1: GAWNE] We are not the same, nah I [feel?] you’re-
‘Bout as real as a silicone titty
Lil’ Bitch boy, I was 22 popping pills
In the Hollywood hills, fuck a six figure deal
Nah, that ain’t really something that I kill for
Rather meet a girl named Billie on the billboards
Swear to god, I’ma sell a millie for the kitties that was wishin’ I was still born
Momma said the world ain’t pretty, I’m [feel more?] She grew up livin’ in the gritty
On the windy west-side of the city
With them shitty ass eyes
When you workin’ through the seven dollar, fifty cent jobs
Count the pennies by the bus-stop
Must not
Know about the nine to five hustle
Why you claimin’ that you grindin’ everyday
But your Instagram struggles
So I’ma say a one tim, you a stay-at-home mother, not a tough guy

[Chorus: GAWNE] [Verse 2: Futuristic] [Chorus: GAWNE]

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