GlockBoyz TeeJaee – Rap Good As Hell

Letra “GlockBoyz TeeJaee – Rap Good As Hell” Official Lyrics


(Reuel, stop playin’ with these niggas)


You probably would shoot a nigga, and you rap good as hell
But you ain’t never touched a nigga in your life, never will
Probably seen a couple skits, never sent a couple shots
Just be speakin’ on the dead, never the reason they got shot
We be the reason niggas drop, that’s why we talk our shit
Kickin’ bitches out the crib who like startin’ shit
Man, you pull over for the hook, I’m jumpin’ out the whip
Man, I just got a dirty Glock, I’m runnin’ like I got a brick
Niggas be trippin’ on a bitch, but it’s so many in the world
My nigga turned into a pearl, my OGs been sellin’ girl
Brodie told me to keep a steel, man, you know it’s a cold world
‘Cause we hit niggas in they shit and make the steering wheel curl
No, really facts, nigga
I feel like 9K, hate these fat niggas
Really only be fightin’ in jail, bullets slap niggas
If you ain’t never send a shot for Woo, ain’t got no dap for you
If you ain’t talk about suckin’ no dick, I’ma get back to you
I really will shoot a nigga and I rap good as hell
Brodie just punched him an AR and got the strap in the mail
Free mo, they gave him ten, he got the strap in his cell
Don’t let him see the wrong face, I bet it happen for real
Niggas be active for real, you know the vibes
Got a pistol on my lap and I got murder on my mind, I ain’t Melly, though
My dog tryna work on his aim, he a felon, though
You don’t wanna start no shit that you ain’t ready for
That’s what your mans did and that’s what he in heaven for
He almost took a couple with him when we let him go
(GlockBoyz, nigga)
He almost took a couple with him when we let him go
Chasin’ niggas in traffic, sendin’ bullets and laughin’
Drop a body, check the ‘Gram for the caption
In the hood robbin’ niggas like Baskins
Hell’ cuttin’ up

Got the Glock to shoot niggas, not fashion
Niggas don’t fuck with me because my niggas torch shit
Call that nigga Scarface because he really horse shit
So many Glocks in the gang, we should get endorsements
(And I rap good as hell)

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