GME Pistol – Life of a Demon pt.2

Letra “GME Pistol – Life of a Demon pt.2” Official Lyrics

GMEBE (squad)
Life of a demon, bitch
Part two (squaad)

Life of a demon
Keep the pipe cuz i need it
I fight for my life
And i fight for my freedom
I seen a nigga leave his own blood cousin bleedin’
For a nigga with that money
He ain’t even feed ‘em
A lot a niggas changed up on me
I put that on my five P’s
I won’t change up homie
In the scotty where i flame up homie
All that jackin and trappin’
Is how i came up homie
I’m a demon but I’m worse then the devil
That pressure applied everytime the Lord in my presence
Get used to fire before i let them disrespect me
All my niggas in them coffins
A nigga gon have to check me
I put that on a nation that’s facing the east
Where I’m from you ain’t with us you facing decease
Them demons be on point 40k and Kay dee(?)
Life of the demon, call it life on the sea
Broad day, late nights ridin’ opp shoppin’
With a street sweeper, I’m boppin out and poppin’
Chiraq that’s my city we finna turn the topic
Murder capital, alot of bodies droppin’
I got alot of power im a ranger
Everything around me is danger
I’ve never been a type that give a name up
Cuz pussy nigga that ain’t how i came up
I made it out the hellhole standin’
I came through the hellhole demandin’
But real talk i had to do alot of blammin’
Youngest nigga on the block, biggest cannon
Shit ain’t come sweet i had to strap through it
Through many days and cold nights i survived through it
Alot of hoods show me love when i ride through them
Cuz I’m a real nigga never lied to them
I’m plugged with the T’s and I’m plugged with BD’s
I’m plugged with the Kings and I’m plugged with the breeds
Them my niggas even though we from a different breed
Different branches but we all from the same tree
Blood make you related, loyalty is family nigga
If you blood that don’t mean you a family member for real
If you was loyal you would know they catch a nigga
In his betrayal momma nem make it call that (?)
Talkin’ to feds he gettin his clothes snatched
Dissapear in them woods (rules?), we ain’t get on that
And i try my best to keep my peace
But these designable(?) niggas just won’t let a nigga be
I did alot of shit up in that field
My brothers still tellin’ me to chill
Cuz this life gon only bring death or jail
Pistol for my safety, money for my bail
I’m still in the sea, I’m just above level
I know how to play the game i got triple-doubles
Lemon squeeze on that 40. plus i trick a devil
Green beam, drum roll on that heavy metal
And Zula thats my homie he a fuckin’ demon
And JP that’s my homie he another demon
Lil thirty and Lil Scottie they some other demons
I’m rockin’ out with shorty nem until I’m under cement
It never gettin’ better it’s just gettin’ worse
The demons clappin’ pistols infront of the church
I seen alot of niggas get put in a hurst
I came up in the C87 to 91st
I seen my brother fall after five shots
I still can’t believe it, I was in such a shock
I snap back to reality and up the Glock
Ain’t stop squeezing that trigga ‘till that nigga dropped
I swear i lost so many niggas to this field
Wrong place and wrong time shit was gettin’ real
Alot of my niggas gone, either dead or jail
They locked us either coffins or locked in a cell
Free Killa that’s my homie ain’t no switchin’ gears
Free Chino that’s my homie ain’t no switchin’ gears
Free Fetty that’s my homie ain’t no switchin’ gears
Rest in piece to them brothers that never made it here

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