Godinho – The Sun Frowned at Me

Letra “Godinho – The Sun Frowned at Me” Official Lyrics

PART I: Begging to the Moon


How far does this rabbit hole go?
Begging to the moon to come and take my soul
Hanging by a thread swinging from a noose the pain takes a toll
Roll another one but lace it with your love so
I can feel a warmth that I’ve never felt from the sun
I hope this spliff is never done
Can’t remember last time that I had fun without smoke in my lungs
Liquor in the liver, brain in a haze but your smile is the true killer
I wish your lips would touch mine but if they do that
Then I’ll rot and decay and I still haven’t madе it back
To a better place, so
Livе in infamy or try to heal another dying tree with weathered leaves
I’ll bite your tongue with my sharpened teeth
Space is a graveyard full of hopes and dreams
But I’m just a rag doll who’s ripping at the seams, see
See when you look into my eyes nothing as it seems
See the blacks of my eyes everything so obscene
See the scenery and steal the souls of the broken hearted
Pardon the hardened
I’ve walked through Tartarus
Stepped over carcasses
Melt away into the lake like Narcissus
And from my place a flower will bloom
With wilting petals or a healthy stem well that’s up to you
I’m giving you the power to watch a person bloom
It’s getting real crowded so someone leave the room
My aura’s black and grey you can call it doom and gloom
One one one I hope my wishes come true
And if they come true I hope it happens soon
Cause I’m so tired of begging to the moon
I’m so tired of painting black balloons
And the sun’s real pissed because I forgot about its hue

PART II: The Sun Frowned at Me

Verse 1

I saw your face displayed upon the rising sun
And it changes from the angle that you view it from
And my tears are mercury, burn into the skin and
My eyes are irritated from the acid in my vision, but
I do the best I can
Under the circumstance
Trapped in a dreamland wishing I could die again
It’s an infinite loop a Mobius strip
Never-ending cycle of penance with the whip
It’s the seventh seal and Death hit me with a checkmate
And I find myself a gloom on these sunny days, and
When I’m with you I’m not thinking about the pain but
I still feel it in my chest when you ask me about my day
And my eyes are craters from the meteors of your stare
I’m packing bags below my eyelids I’m blinded from the solar flare
And you got a heart of tarnished gold that I wish that
I could take care, of

Verse 2

I saw your face displayed upon the setting sun
This time you frowned at me asking what I’d done
I just ossified my body as a mark of the modern times
Darker than charcoal eyes
All these burnt-out neon signs
I got a lot of bad thoughts that I can’t control
I’m swimming in the vitriol, inject the needle real slow
Until I fall asleep
But don’t wake me up I’ll just stay up in my dreams
It’s been so long I didn’t know it was a new week
So weak, so we, keep smoking green
Until our heads are in the clouds but
I don’t mind the fall cause I’m used to the ground
The silence is so deafening I can’t stand the sound
And you can find my soul buried in a dirt mound
I’m a dopamine fiend there’s no pleasure in sight
And I only come alive when the moon shines the night, and
The sun hates me for it so she lives in constant spite but
The stars are accepting cause I’m used to their light, and
Moths are just butterflies searching for the light, and
Once I find the fire then watch me ignite
My gaze is filled with scorn I was born with horns
My heart is always torn with little time to mourn
I’m just tryna get my wings backs so I can soar once more
If I go too high then I’ll crash and burn and
I’ll hit the ground so fast it’ll kill the birds
Only ravens will remain and they’ll pick at my remains
Fighting with the vultures watching circles go insane
I’m Judge Dredd, judging the dead, I made my bed and
Now I’ll lay to rest but
There’s no rest for the wicked
Burn the wick to kill the witches
I need to break the hex, maybe then I’ll break the tsukuyomi
Nevermind, real life is much worse
Trapped in another spell, it’s a living Hell

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