Goodman Tha Crip – Friday Night Vibez

Letra “Goodman Tha Crip – Friday Night Vibez” Official Lyrics

Verse 1: Goodman

Feelin’ them Friday Night Vibez keepin’ me alive
Got baddies on the way waitin’ for them to arrive
So that knockin’ can’t be my hoe cuz I know the drive
One hell of a ride for my dime
So ima go check who knockin’
A bitch outta pocket sayin’…

Verse 2: Mario

Look up at the door, is a bitch pullin’ up tonight?
We done this before, so I’m sure it be alright
And I wonder what they talkin’ ‘bout
Is there special business or ‘cause we got so much clout?
So then I get up, is she gon’ be stayin’?
That’s when I heard this lil bitch sayin’

Verse 3: Goodman

Takin’ this cutie to the top floor, she already want more
She tryna take it slow, grab my thang then she gon’ ask for
Lightin’ up a j, we gon’ pass while we play
Throwin’ ass- every single Friday
So now, baddie grabbing on my face
Tryna keep up the pace sayin…

Verse 4: Mario

Mans goin’ up to the room, quite real soon
But why a pimp like me is not chillin’ with a ho too?
Up on the moon, but a me just heard a ring
Who is that? Do they want cash or they wanna sing?
Walkin’ to the door, not in a bit of fear
I see a lil ho for me, but what she say that I hear?

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