Grocer – Out Of Sight

Letra “Grocer – Out Of Sight” Official Lyrics

Didn’t I say I’d find my way out?
Now I’m a ways out
And I can’t find the way
Sorry, to be leaving
But I’m always coming goddamnit

Didn’t I leave it all behind?
I’m out of sight you’re out of mind
Tripping over these trying times
I thought I had been through mine

I left a note for anyone lucky me
All these, kitchen tables, empty
Mothers to be, what about the energy
Crisis? Okay that’s a bit divisive
But I used to be so beloved (true)

And oh yea, what became of you?

Buddy I swear I saw your face

Another day I’m on my way
Another place to leave behind
Another one two set aside
I’m out of sight you’re out of mind

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