Hardcore Punk

Meth Rats – Everything's Fucked

Letra “Meth Rats – Everything's Fucked” Official Lyrics Turn the radio upNo, turn it off cause everything’s fuckedGuess we ran out of luckMan, everything’s fucked, yeah everything’s fucked Lying in the bed we made depression’s imminentPeeling layers from my head distracts me instead Don’t wanna get out of bedJust go to work and everything’s fuckedNow …

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Big Black – Dead Billy (Pigpile)

Letra “Big Black – Dead Billy (Pigpile)” Official Lyrics Verse 1 Little girl, U.S. dressCome and give DaddyDead Billy, ? in greenLittle lady, napalm butt Pre-Chorus Come and give a head to, toDead Billy make you boom, boom, boom Chorus Dead Billy Interlude Verse 2 Billy make you happyBilly make …

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Big Black – Passing Complexion (Pigpile)

Letra “Big Black – Passing Complexion (Pigpile)” Official Lyrics Intro One, two, one two fuck you! Verse 1 She was hisShe would take his childrenBlack and whiteLike to her own breast Verse 2 There were timesWhen he could mixWith ordinaryWhite companyBut if the subject ever came upNo one would notice Chorus …

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