A ROCK – HARDY Lyrics Letra:
When your mom and dad are ten feet tall
You got a superhero poster on your wall
Don’t know the worlds full of greed and lust
You just slide into third and ride the school bus
Wrestling is real summer goes fast
A dollar bill feels like a wad of cash
There’s war and drugs and guns on hips
But all you’re thinkin bout’s how far you can skip
A rock, a rock, a rock

Then the wheels on your bike turn to gasoline
get your first taste of love and nicotine
Your heart gets broke your folks find your lighter
You lose a few fights and learn you ain’t a fighter
You know what’s wrong and you know what’s right
But you wanna be cool on a Friday night
Somebody puts a bottle in front of your face
For the first time you’re stuck between a hard place and a rock
A Rock, a rock

La da da da da da (3x)

Then you’re paying bills and you’re working hard
And you’re with your friends at the local bar
Hook up with someone tell em how ya feel
And Just like that it’s something real
Then you meet their mom and you meet their dad
Start having thoughts that ya never had
Like that’s the kinda thing worth waking up for
Next thing you know you’re saving up
For a rock (yeah), a rock, a rock

And one day your breath costs life itself
Your book gets hung on heaven’s shelf
They say a few words like it’s a damn shame
Then they lay you down and they write your name
On a rock, a rock, a rock

Yeah we’re all just living life on a rock
We’re all just living life on a rock
We’re all just living life on a rock
We’re all just living life on a rock
Said we’re all just living life on a rock
We’re all just living life on a rock
We’re all just living life on a rock
We’re all just living life on a rock

(La da da da da da (3x))
(La da da da da da (3x))
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