Harley Poe – Gorehound


Harley Poe

Letra. (Lyrics Music Video)

She’s always asking why
I like watching people die
And why I get my kicks
While others scream and cry
Well, my friends think that I’m sick
Or maybe uneducated
And my family doesn’t want to admit that they are related

Now monsters and madmen
Who rape and mutilate
Are perfect entertainment when I take her on a date
You can shove your sparkly vampires and family comedies
Give me blood and beasts and boobs
Them sacred triple b’s

Don’t ask me why
‘Cause I don’t know
Don’t close your eyes
Enjoy the show

‘Cause I’m a gorehound, hellbound horror movie lover
I like my voyeurism with a glass of red rum
‘Cause I’m a gorehound hellbound horror movie lover
Good and evil are just colors on the spectrum

One, two, three, four
Nail her to the bedroom floor
Five, six, seven, eight
Rape and kill and mutilate

Now who could kill a child?
Whoever slew auntie rue?
Someones knocking at the door and they’re here to visit you
Now baby don’t look now but I’m sure there’s nothing out there
But horror rises from the tomb and traps you in your nightmare

Now girlfriend come with me
To a land of make believe
Or is it based on facts?
It turns me on when I should grieve
You say my head is fucked
With a dark and twisted heart
Well I say that it’s cathartic just another form of art

Don’t ask me why
‘Cause I don’t know
Don’t close your eyes
Enjoy the show

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