Harley Poe – Misanthropy And The Full Moon

Misanthropy And The Full Moon

Harley Poe

Letra. (Lyrics Music Video)

God hates divorce
What about abuse?
When 2 people just don’t get along
Are they unfaithful?
Why do what’s right-
When it’s so much easier for man to do what’s wrong?
Your infants will suffer

It’s a full Moon night
I’m gonna get a bite
I can’t wait till I start transforming
Better hide your kids
Ya’ll better wise up

Ya might as well just top breeding
Because the only way to stop this infestation
Of this selfish race, and it’s dehumanization
It’s by decimation of all reproduction
So here is my own resolution
I will eat your children! Hey!

Yeshua taught respect
Filled with compassion
They claim that’s their doctrine
But they don’t live that way!

The world revolves around those
Who only love themselves
It’s been said but is it true that every
Dog has his day?
The innocent will suffer

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