Harley Poe – Moron, Idiots, And Assholes

Moron, Idiots, And Assholes

Harley Poe

Letra. (Lyrics Music Video)

Morons are sinking their ship
We’re on the way to being dead cuz there’s a drop off straight ahead
We sailed out unprepared, now they expect us all to float
These morons are crashing this boat

And idiots are breeding like flies
These kids can’t cross their t’s and don’t care to dot their I’s
Stupid people think that they should populate the earth
I hope they all have stillbirths

And assholes are running this world
They herd us up like sheep and write laws for us to keep
There’s more idiots than assholes, but they’ll never overcome
Cuz idiots, are too fucking dumb

And which word best describes you if you look deep into your soul
Maybe your just like me
A moron, an idiot, or an asshole
Maybe you encompass all three

But what’s the difference between a moron and an idiot?
There’s no difference, we’re pretty much the same
But that should make it easier to define yourself
Your probably just a dickhead with no brains

And we’re morons and idiots and we’re assholes
We’ve been fucking up this world since day 1
The assholes call it progress, and the idiots just don’t care
And the morons are just having fun
As we sink this shit down in the sea
Well it’s ok with me

As long as we’re all having fun
As long as we’re all having fun
As long as we’re all having fun

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