Harvey Seasalt – Grand Theft Auto 5 Vs. Red Dead Redemption 2

Letra “Harvey Seasalt – Grand Theft Auto 5 Vs. Red Dead Redemption 2” Official Lyrics


Sit yo cowboy bitch ass down
Shut ya ugly mouth and take notes
You’re in the presence of the GOAT, trick
150 Million sold
150 Million paid, 150 Million played
I broke every record in 2013 and im still selling hot to this day, look
GTA, just three letters but that’s all I had to to say to get the people in a craze
Gave me all they money like I was Robbin they banks
Made a billion dollars in the first 3 days
Grand theft auto, run-in round the city killing people make money like
The California lotto, millennials love me more toast with avacado
And I killed the competition like I was Tony soprano
Bitch what
You should give up, while I give the people what they like
Fuck rollin’ round in some carriage in 1902
Rather rip thru The streets on a Bike
Arthur Morgan, so damn boring, fuck ya horse punk we racin foreigns, machine guns my man Trev adores em
Compared to him Arthur looks like a mormon, bitch
Fuck ya gameplay its so damn slow
On the trail, 20 minutes to go
Look a turtle, quick grab your bow
10% game, and the rest Video
Shootin’ down fuckin choppers
Killin’ coppers
With semi-autos
You do not want this smoke
My game online is a top tier experience
Red dead online is pathetic joke
Jesus, they play your shit for a minute and then leave it
My people playin online throughout all the seasons
-They addicted to this shit I got em tweaking
Buyin’ virtual money from me they fiendin’
Everything that you tried to do I exceeded
Trevor Franklin and Michael are undefeated
Shit good luck with the next one you gonna need it
Tuberculoses on the mic, bitch breathe it… hoe
Well squeeze on my scrote and call me squidward


Look at this silly bitch over here actin like numbers are everything
Shut your fuckin mouth my eardrums are hemorrhaging
Married to the money I’m bout to shoot off your wedding ring punk
Braggin’ bout numbers cuz that’s all you got
Nothin bout graphics immersion or plot
Arthur deeper than a sub in the ocean
Mike Franklin and Trevor just skimming the top
Flat, no depth, buncha one-note characters bitch
Ya hopeless, same uninspired gunfire the last 20 years
Shit I think you should give it a rest
Fuck all that concrete in the city
I gave ‘em the wild And made it look pretty
Visuals stunning realistic and gritty
Check the reflection right there on that titty, Damn (find a screenshot from he game)
… mass appeal never comes without sacrifice
You try to please everybody at once but your originality’s paying the price
More of the same, scared take it into foreign terrain
Creativity went right down the drain, gettin too comfortable with it
Well fuck it then stay in yo lane
I got artistic integrity, I got emotional weight
Cover the spectrum of human emotion
And serve it up hot on a graphical plate look
I killed my damn protagonist 2/3rds thru the game
Youre too afraid to take risks it’s a shame
You’ll be the first one to tarnish ya name pussy
Red Dead, Fans be fuckin loyal like a dead head
Dead eye with a pistol at your forehead
But People sleeping on me like a bed spread
No matter my mission isn’t to get bread
It’s to move the people
Innovate and expand the genre
Critics all love me like hotel rwanda
When my next one drops
Then poof, you’re a gonner

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