Helleborus – Blåkulla’s Meadow

Blåkulla’s Meadow – Helleborus Lyrics, Letra:
Unto The Last Gate
Drowning, I call her name
By flowers of faith and urtication
9 dreams will come in The House of Greensward Arcana
I bleed this maelstrom under Hailstone’s whitest grains
Escryed from blood, these scars are made in Thy name

To her voiceless voice I’m am enslaved
To know, To see, I breathe… I am incomplete

Betwixt Panaceæ and Pantrauma hang me from the Rowan tree
In sacred heart Hecate-Selene
In naked splendor she gives balance to wild grounds

We are married by gold mycelium running
through the marrow of our Mother’s tomb and the mind of The Father
In the out pour of phantasmagoric jugulation
Thy pain is beauty in burning of blood, Myrrh and Storax
Peacock blue emanations uprooting the flora of our fate in the liminal horizon of death

I call Thee O night-bellower
Come unto my sacrifices and take your fill of love
Fecundated locus feed my dreams
From paradise of funeral grounds she holds my Heavens and holds my Hells

Soothsaying purple lambent flames
Osseous augury prophecy proclaim
To know, To see, I breathe for knowledge old and new

From cenote catacombs I pray for flight over Blåkulla‘s Meadow
Divide me for love’s sake over Eden’s nude pastoral glow
Cry for me sky before the unveiling of heaven’s body

By all I can give, urtication to rise the indwelling Nachtvolk seed germinating inside
I bleed this maelstrom under Hailstone’s whitest grains
A kiss to the Amethyst for oracular powers of the holy death
From paradise of funeral grounds I call Thee As I pass unto The Last Gate
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