“Here We Come!” – Callums Corner

Here We Come! – Callums Corner Lyrics Letra:
(Callum Adams)
I was sitting on my own, recording on my phone
Everyday I’d spend alone
Then the corner came along, and I knew that I’d belong
My sister and my mum caused me to be numb
The corner we were having fun
Callum’s corner had begun, time to fight and be someone

Callum’s Corner! Here we go!

Here we go, watch me grow
Dance around, now check this flow
I’ve got an army that won’t let no-one harm me
Or roll the carpet for me
Or roll like origami
I’m cold behind the bars like a ghost in the Antarctic

(Tom Stockdale)
Tactics that leave you speechless
Big titty bitches and sunkissed beaches
The corner life is real, and I’m just glad to be a part of it
The things you get to see, ain’t the half of it
North to South, you know we’ve been about
We spread through word of mouth
We leave no trace in doubt
This is Callum’s house, let me show you round

(Callum Adams)
In the corner, I am the king
Now join me, together we sing:
Callum’s Corner! Callum’s Corner!
Here we go!


Feeding WillNE, bodied Stevie T
They wish they’d never stepped to me
Cos I’m taller than a tree
And I sting back like a bee
Don’t say I didn’t warn you
I only did what I was born to
Callum’s Corner wasn’t for you
We grew together now it’s yours too

(Callum) Does not look like a sodding tic-tac!
(WillNE) Oh come on mate it does a little bit
(Callum) Yeah, that is Nike
I’ve got a pair of Nike Air Jordans!
Wagwan mandem!
(Tom) Callum-
(Callum) Why’s everyone laughing at him? Why’s everyone laughing at him? Cos he smells of shit!
And I’m with my mate Tom
Ayup and welcome to Callum’s Corner, welcome to my new house!

So who’d have thought that five years on
This corner would be marching strong
Now it’s the place we all belong
We dominate this octogon
I can’t believe how much it’s grown
In the corner no-one is alone
For haters it’s a danger zone
We are diamond, they are stone

(Tom Stockdale)
Man it’s unmistakable
That Callum is unbreakable
His balance is unshakable
His absence unobtainable
To challenge him’s mistakable
His talents are vocational
His combat’s educational
His anger is occasional

“Here We Come!” – Callums Corner

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