Hiram Torres – Artesia & Bellflower

Letra “Hiram Torres – Artesia & Bellflower” Official Lyrics

Part 2: Artesia & Bellflower



Verse 1

That used to be my place in the first grade
Stairs to the door were the worst made
2nd floor I fell in love with stargaze
Helping me escape from the hard days
Momma throwin’ shit in a suitcase
Fighting with my dad over blueface
Had to calm ‘em down, had to talk it out
Only stayed together cause a kid around


Down stairs there used to be a strip club (Nice)
Daddy hug out with the bouncers (Fair)
Momma was chillin in thе bathtub (Loungin’)
High as hell smokin’ on ounces (Yeah)
I was in my room watching Malcolm (In thе middle)
Laying on a little twin mattress (I was little)
Parents fight again I’m like how come? (Why?)
Held ‘em both together felt like Atlas (Sigh)

Verse 2

That was the first place I had a stereo
Back then I fell in love with radio
For my birthday I got a disc man
Scratches on my CD hope it withstands
I just want to go to the Tower Records
Dad said ask your mom so I had to beg her
I think I fell in love with the music
Then I never looked back never ever ever

Outro: Hiram Torres & Interviewer

That used to be my bedroom but now issa In-N-Out
So what do you use for pain?

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