Hiram Torres – Jesus Christ (Herbalife)

Letra “Hiram Torres – Jesus Christ (Herbalife)” Official Lyrics


Pray to me
*Lighter flick* (Yeah)
*Hits pipe*
*laughs* (Yeah)
Nah, that shit corny (Yeah)


If you’ve seen what I’ve seen you would close your eyes (Yeah)
Lookin’ in the mirror all I see is Jesus christ (Yeah)
I be in the heavens off gelato, no ice (Okay)
Just to get like me you gon’ have to pay the price (Sheesh)
This is the experience of evolution (Evolution)
Imma keep spinnin’ like thirty-three revolution (Revolution)
Imma, Imma, Imma do what I gotta do for me only (Auw)
Kill or be killed is the way don’t be phony (Auw)
I just took some shrooms then I took yo’ bitches shoes off (Sheesh)
Fucked her on the mirror then I fucked her on the futon (Sheesh)
Nutted on her stomach then I nutted on her udon (Sheesh)
When she waken up where am I? I done moved on (Woo)
Ion write raps I write comedy sketches (Okay)
I’ve done too much stress we all come from the trenches (Okay)
I had too much sex get off me for a minute (Okay)
We had two more caps I think she at her limit
Limit this shit is limitless
Bitches, drugs, take yo’ pick
Angel city politic
Everybody wanna lick
So don’t be a sucka’
Suck my dick and get my number (Sucka’, sucka’, sucka’, sucka’, sucka’, sucka’,)
If you staying for the slumber there’s some things you should know
(Number one) Do not get attached to my mattress (Nah)
(Number two) Do not mix no boof with my cat piss (Nah)
(Number three) Do not try and act like an actress (Nah)
(Sie la vie) Or you disappear like a hat trick (Bye)
Shout-out Frieda Payne, I get high, I get high (High)
Why yo’ bitch lookin like David Cronenberg’s The Fly (Fly)
She can get us food I know she hungry don’t lie (Lie)
I want mayo, grey poupon, turkey, swiss on rye (Rye)
If you a bad bitch throw that ass in a rhombus (Sheesh)
I be talkin’ nonsense and I be actin’ pompous (Sheesh)
I am Jesus Christ so tonight yo’ bitch a goddess (Sheesh)
You can have her back when I’m finished now I promise
I’m fucken bitches like Herbalife (Herbalife)
I’m fucken bitches like Herbalife (Herbalife)
I’m fucken bitches like Herbalife (Herbalife)
I’m fucken bitches like Herbalife (Herbalife)


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