Hiram Torres – This Is A Rock Album

Letra “Hiram Torres – This Is A Rock Album” Official Lyrics

This is a rock album
This is a rock album
This is a rock album (This is a rock album)
This is a rock album (This is a rock album)

Interview: Hiram Torres & Interviewer

So you think rock is dead?
I mean… it’s not alive
I mean… well like in the mainstream sense ya know
I don’t think rock is ever gonna be on top again
You’re always gonna have your underground, ya know?
You’ll have your indie rock
You’ll have your metal
You’ll have your punk
You’ll have shit like that
But like… as far as like a uh
Uh, dominance ever again?
Nah, I don’t think so
I don’t know
I just feel like rock music got to a point
At least on a mainstream level
Where people were really tryna like…
Dictatе what it is and what it can be
And they didn’t let it grow
Ya know
Thеy just kinda suffocated it and was like
This is our music ya know?
This is
This is how rock music should sound
And that’s what ultimately killed it
Ya know? It’s like Of Mice & Men
Have you read Of Mice & Men?
In high school
Yeah, you know how he kills the animal?
You know why he killed it?
Cause he loved it
And he loved it so much he suffocated it to death
And that’s what people did to rock music

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