HKFiftyOne – Fried

Letra “HKFiftyOne – Fried” Official Lyrics

Verse 1

When I lay awake inside the hole in my own bed
All these thoughts come back, and they come flooding through my head
I wonder what they’d do if they woke up and found me dead
I wish I could reverse all the events and where they lead

Verse 2

I know that I seem crazy, I just probably need some help
Don’t listen to my lyrics, ‘cause you’ll know that I’m in hell
I promise I’m just kidding, and I’m really doing well
I wear this mask like every day, it’s Halloween, you couldn’t tell


Verse 3

I would really not be shit at all without my favorite person
I just feel so bad that every night she gets a different version
Of me, I just spend my days distracted with a big diversion
It’s the only way I function when I’m lost in the immersion

Verse 4

I know I say I’m tired, I’m annoying all the time
I really hate complaining about all that’s on my mind
I’ll either keep myself real busy just to show that I can grind
Or sink into the void and smoke until my brain is fried

Verse 5

Keep to myself ‘cause I know that I’m fucked
I know that I hurt everything that I touch
Try to be nice, but I know it’s not much
Working all day just to bring in the bucks
Don’t wanna feel, so I just wanna sleep
Smoke on a bowl, then I fall in the deep
Baby, I love you, you’re all that I need
I promise I’m trying to get on my feet
Know you’re my life, so just please never leave
Life is so fucked, but I wanna believe
Maybe the good things we just never see
I’m just a bitch while I cry on the beat
Say I don’t care what no one think of me
Thoughts will not stop, but that’s just how it be
Sailing away so that I can be free
But I’m dead on the shore, and I float out to sea


In my lane (In my lane)
On my own (On my own)
Hit the blade, it’s the only way to go (Only way to go)
I’m not sane (I’m not sane)
But now you know (Now you know)
I won’t complain when I know that’s how it goes (Know that’s how it goes)

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