Holding Absence – Here Forever

Here Forever – Holding Absence Lyrics, Letra:
There’s something wrong inside of me,
A stomachache of tragedy.
Can’t tell if I’m cursed, or chronically ill,
There’s so much inside of me,
I’m trying to kill.

And misery have followed me
Periphery is choking me
Will I ever leave behind the exquisite pain
Intrinsically, is lost on me

My insomnia waves,
And sleeping through the days,
Make me look like I’m fine…
that’s nothing but a lie
Eating to fill my flesh
And starving myself
Have got me looking in good health
But I still don’t feel my best

What I told myself was a pilgrimage
Is nothing short of a severance
You can tell from my pure grim image
That I am only alive
For reverence

Despite the uncompromising pain
I’m still so scared of death
The only difference between
A rut and a grave
Is the depth
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