Horrid1 – Seconds

Letra “Horrid1 – Seconds” Official Lyrics




I’m in the booth right now, you know the fuckin’ ting
I ain’t no commercial rapper
Man a commercial stabber

It’s astonishin’
How much man that I got on my blade
I’ve got man down on the mains
Take out guts, I ain’t vomitin’ (Hunch)
Name me a guy who’s stoppin’ him (Hmm)
I can say one thing that I’m promisin’
When we buck up the **** again
It’ll be way worse than the gang just robbin’ him
If I’m there, I’m definitely choppin’ him
Gettin’ him, wettin’ him, cheffin’ him, endin’ him
If he ain’t dead then the cheff that I done was irrelevant

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