HYDRA MANE – Without Notice

Letra “HYDRA MANE – Without Notice” Official Lyrics

They said I gotta pay my dues
But I’m a little lost
Just let me smoke my weed
It’s gettin harder breath
It seems I’ve fallen off the wagon
Mane what happened somethin in my dreams told me hurry on and drink it’s the last sip
Double guns nailed upon my hands it’s like I’m Radcliffe
Mad shit scrambles through my mind arising bad trips
Past friends hit me up they tryna get me bag quick
But I ain’t got no time though
Im sick of it all
Gon kiss my ass trick
I guess I’ll grab me a blick
See what happened yeah I took another hit and now I’m twisted
Shifted ready to keep it bumpin
As grip the mic
Livin nice but shit I’m outta line
So you can catch a right hand
Dead man walkin if you wanna make a move
Sucka watch yo step I spit venom that’s bound to drop you
Hop to it brother bust a groove and be the top douche
Imma show ya how to split atoms within a locked room
Confidential secrets I’ll unleash upon you
How much power I don’t know it just depends on my mood
I tend to wake up in the morning with a rock in my shoe and right now I feel a little obtuse

We struggle daily
But I gotta keep the pressure strong
All I do is move along and promptly live with the evil this wicked world it deals you often
It’s either we work hard or pay our rent within a coffin
So baby get yo cheese
Some people want you to bleed
Keep them eyes open homie doctors prey on the weak
I thought you knew
Like for medicinal reasons
The market feeds on your habits
Til they grab you and hit delete
Believe me
Gon’ bring that thang to the floor
I’m on the hunt for every dime they ever gained from my hope
I want my change
Don’t try to scrape my dough
Cause I’ve been known guillotine mothafuckas without a notice
So get the hell up out my grill
With all that shit talkin
Yo breath stank
I swear you bustas smell like old bologna
We know you lyin by the way
Cause out yo neck you been doin nothin but wining
And we can’t relate
So let me say before ya fall
I told ya this would happen
Ya favorite local Nostradamus
Mane you know what’s crackin
Just choose a lane
And use yo head
Gon’ take a couple notes and quit
Cashin checks you wrote with yo ass

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